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Dayton Social media marketing allows businesses to get the word out about their brand where their target audiences are, on their phones! Here is an overview of what social media marketing is, what this content might look like, and why it plays an essential role in marketing any modern business.

What Is Social Media Marketing? 

Simply put, social media marketing in Dayton, OH is a form of advertising that takes place on your brand's social media channels and pages. This concept can include paid advertisements, as well as the everyday content you post on your business's Instagram and other social media pages. This content can share both specific promotions and general information with your target audience by creating posts that are both creative and professional. 

An Overview of Dayton Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is much more strategic and planned out than simply posting sporadic content that may or may not promote your brand. This calculated process works best when five core pillars of social media marketing are used to determine what you want each post to accomplish and how to make that happen, as well as determining why this is important for your business. 

The Five Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing 

Any strong social media marketing strategy goes far beyond simply posting basic photos from time to time. To successfully market your brand on any social media platform, each move you make should be carefully planned to make sure it makes sense within the context of the rest of your social media posts and helps you move closer to achieving specific goals. 


Creating an effective social media marketing strategy involves clearly defining your goals for both the big picture of your entire strategy and each smaller step in the process. This pillar also helps you determine what social media platforms you should advertise on and which ones will be your most important ones, as well as determining the specific types of content you primarily plan to use. 

Planning and Publishing 

The planning and publishing process is what differentiates the process of posting marketing content on your business's social media pages from posting on your personal pages. Your personal social media posts may be random, disconnected from one another, posted at odd times of day, or irrelevant to some of your followers, but your business posts must be much more carefully planned. These posts should be carefully thought out to make sure they are interesting to the majority of your target audience, share a clear and relevant message about your business, and are published at specific times ensure more of your followers will see them. 

Listening and Engagement

Listening and engagement will allow you to keep track of how your followers are responding to your posts. You can also dig deeper to see what else people are saying about your brand on social media that may not be on your own posts. This process allows you to respond to both positive and negative reactions, as well as determine what the best ways to adjust your content and overall strategy in the future to best align with your followers’ preferences. 

Analytics and Reporting 

Looking at the actual data that identifies how well your content is performing from a numerical standpoint can be just as beneficial as analyzing comments. The analytics and reporting pillar gives you the facts surrounding how well your content is performing. Studying your analytics and reporting can tell you how many people viewed each piece of content, liked or commented on it, used your business's hashtags, or took other steps to engage with your content. 


Creating paid social media ads can help you reach significantly more people than your organic social media posts that are viewed mostly by your followers. Although your budget might not allow you to advertise in this way right away, this step should generally be implemented as soon as you are reasonably able to do so to speed up the process of growing your following and your business. 

Why Social Media Is Important for Dayton Businesses

If your Dayton business has not yet implemented a social media marketing strategy, you are likely missing a significant portion of your potential customer base. Many companies no longer see as much exposure from traditional forms of advertisement, such as TV commercials, because customer’s viewing and other media consumption habits have changed. A significant percentage of your potential customers may receive the majority of their information about new brands and products from social media in 2022. Not having an established social media presence can significantly reduce your visibility and cost you valuable customers. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Dayton, OH

Social media marketing in Dayton, OH gives your business the opportunity to connect with your target audience on their phones, where many active users already spend a significant amount of time. By creating content that is interesting to but also informative of things like promotions, your brand's values, or new products, you can connect with them in a way that is convenient for them. 

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