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Virtually anyone who has performed an online search has encountered Google Ads. The results page of your search will have a combination of organic and paid search results. When you see a little green box that says Ad beside the results that tells you Google advertising is at work. Google Ads allows businesses to place ads more prominently on search engine results pages through paid advertising.

About Our Google Ads Service

Google Ads is a platform that enables businesses to bid on keywords for ads. Competition is high for popular keywords, so Google Ads works similar to an auction. Placing keyword bids means establishing what you are willing to pay for each click on that keyword in Google Ads. The higher the bid, the higher your ad places on search engine results pages, commonly called SERPs.

Keywords are how consumers find your business online. The most commonly searched words and terms will have many advertisers vying for the same ones. Those unfamiliar or less experienced in marketing techniques like paid search may be tempted to save money on other, less expensive keywords. However, using ineffective keywords or poor-quality copy with a low click-through rate is essentially wasting money.

We are an award-winning Premier Google Partner. Our Google Ads services, formerly called Google Ads, helps businesses of all sizes manage their paid advertising campaigns. Only 3% of Google Partner PPC companies have the distinction of being a Premier Google Partner. What that tells you is that we know how to optimize your ad spend ROI.

Is Google Ads Right For Your Business?

While you may be asking this question, what you should be asking is, “Can my business afford not to use Google Ads?” Google Ads is a highly effective platform utilizing the most sophisticated algorithms. After all, who but Google has an intimate knowledge of how to propel any result to the top of their own SERPs? Do you have the time, resources, and technical expertise to figure that out?

Google advertising gives you a leg up on your competition. Google Ads gives you unmatched control, allowing you to accomplish your ad goals in the most cost-effective manner. You can set daily budgets for your campaigns, establish ad schedules, mobile settings, and locations, and bid by keyword and ad group. With tools like Ads Keyword Planner, you can evaluate the efficacy of keyword options.

Generate More Leads with Google Ads

Relevancy is everything in online search ads. Google Ads assigns a quality score on keywords in an account that lets you what each click will cost for highly placed ads. Your goal as an advertiser is to have your quality score be as high as possible. That’s where we come in with just one of the many ways we can optimize your results.

All site visits are not equal. You want to ensure that your site visitors are qualified, or you’ll see skyrocketing bounce rates. That not only tells you that you are not attracting visitors interested in your goods or services, but you are also wasting money with the wrong keywords for your ads. Our clients reap the benefits of better ad relevancy, higher click-through rates, and improved online conversions.

Leverage the Power of an Experienced Google Ads Partner

Google Ads is designed as a self-service platform. You could choose to try to navigate the complexities of online advertising yourself, just like you could choose to rebuild the engine on your car if it doesn’t work. However, do you have the time and resources for that? If you have access to an expert with the right experience, knowledge, tools, and techniques, why wouldn’t you leverage them?

Hubbard Cincinnati’s 2060 Digital is a Top Digital Agency and Premier Google Partner. Our talented team of digital experts stays on top of emerging digital trends to give our clients the best results. We know how to give your business a competitive advantage while also improving your marketing ROI. If you need help analyzing your digital campaign or want to get started with Google Ads, contact us today.

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