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Is Video Marketing Right for your Business?

This idea isn’t novel: businesses need a video marketing strategy. What has transformed is the surge of video prominence across all platforms and channels. Video is no longer simply a component of your broader marketing strategy. It’s central to your outreach and promotional activities, particularly your social media strategy. Video has utterly saturated social media. According to HubSpot Research, social networks account for four of the top six mediums on which worldwide consumers consume video.

Why do you Need Video?

1. Video Drives up Conversions and Sales

Videos can also lead to an overall increase in sales. Studies indicate that 74% of individuals who saw an instructional or explainer video about a service or product went on to purchase it. So get to work on your intriguing product videos as soon as possible!

2. Videos Deliver Great ROI

Video, according to 83 percent of businesses, offers a good return on investment. Even though video production is not the smoothest nor the cheapest operation, it pays off handsomely. Furthermore, online video editing tools are perpetually improving and becoming more accessible. You can now capture high-resolution 4K video on your smartphone with ease.

3. Videos Generate Trust

Videos can also help to build trust. Due to concerns over fraud and deception, some buyers are still hesitant to buy goods and services through the internet. Compelling marketing videos, however, conversationally showcase your items. This provides a sense of personalization, which is why a majority of buyers think videos have increased their confidence in making online purchases.

4. Videos Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

Visitors will spend more time on your site if you use videos. As a result, more prolonged exposure creates confidence and notifies search engines that your site contains valuable material. According to Moovly, having a video embedded on your website increases your chances of ranking first on Google by 53 times.

5. Video is Mobile Friendly

With the portability that comes with smartphones and the convenience that comes with watching videos on mobile apps, your client base will continue to rise, especially as the number of smartphone users continues to grow.

Types of Marketing Videos

Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

Your prospective customers want to know that your product or service can solve their particular problem. Making case study videos featuring your satisfied, delighted, and loyal clients is one of the finest methods to demonstrate this. Your satisfied customers are your most ardent supporters. Get them to talk on camera about how your firm helped them tackle their pressing challenges.

Live Videos

Live video allows your audience to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse at your organization. It also attracts longer streams and higher audience engagement — consumers watch live videos for up to 8.1 times longer than recorded clips. Live-stream your Interviews, presentations, and corporate events, and encourage your audience to ask questions.

Personalized Video Messages

Video can be a fun way to continue a chat or answer a customer’s email or text message. So, go on and record yourself recounting an important meeting or delivering personalized advice. Such videos give your prospects a pleasant, one-of-a-kind experience that can help them go farther down the sales funnel.

Explainer Videos

This kind of video is designed to explain to your viewers why they need your product or service. Many infographic videos depict a fictional journey of a company’s primary buyer persona who has difficulty solving a problem. Often, this person solves the problem by adopting or purchasing the company’s solution.

Instructional or How-To Videos

Educational videos can be used to teach your viewers about a new solution or help them gain the core knowledge they’ll need to understand your company and its products fully. Your sales and customer service personnel can also use these films when engaging with clients.

Expert Interviews

Interviewing your internal experts or industry thought leaders is an excellent method to establish credibility and authority with your core demographic. Look for industry influencers — whether they support your point of view or not — and bring these video conversations in front of your target audience.

Brand Videos

Typically, brand videos are created as part of a broader advertising campaign to highlight the firm’s high-level vision, goal, or products and services.

Demo Videos

Demo videos demonstrate how your product works, whether by giving viewers a trip through your software and how to use it or by unboxing and testing a physical product.

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We’ve seen several ways video advertising can turn around your business prospects for the better. We have also seen what video forms could work best for your advertisement needs. The wait is over; you have all the tools at hand. Make use of video advertising and watch your customer engagements increase. Hubbard Cincinnati is a premier Digital Services firm based out of Ohio with your interests at heart. For more information and support on your video production and advertising campaigns, reach out to us, and we will guide you all the way.

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