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Why Should I Advertise on Social Media?

February 26, 2021

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Did you know that there are 1.82 billion daily active Facebook users, 500 million on Instagram, and 145 million on Twitter?

Digital and social media marketing requires focus and budget from any organization because the user base speaks for itself. But it’s not just sheer numbers. Social media offers opportunities for strategic, targeted social media advertising that can drive results.

Here’s why you’ll want to enlist a social media ad agency to beef up your social media advertising to reach your marketing goals:

Growth Potential

There was a 13% increase in people using social media last year, and multiple demographics consider social media a relevant place for ads—signs to any social media ad agency of the potential for greater brand awareness, engagement and conversion.

Businesses are taking note with social media advertising budgets expected to nearly double by 2023. With a growing user base and the emergence of new channels like TikTok, the impact of social media marketing ads is limitless. You’ll want your brand represented with paid social media ads on a variety of platforms.

A Channel for Every Brand

Social marketing companies agree that social media advertising on Facebook is a must. With 22 billion ad clicks per year, paid social media ads on this platform get the views (and clicks) that your organic posts do not.

Other channels for your social media marketing ads depend on your content strategy and budget:

  • Looking to Generate Leads? LinkedIn is a popular choice with people more than 15 times more likely to view content than job openings. Most users (73%) find the ads informative.

  • Want to Drive Conversions? Instagram gives B2C brands the chance to attract leads and support conversions with 70% of shoppers using the tool for product discovery.

  • Aspire To Be a Thought Leader? Even with strict character counts, top social media marketing companies recommend using Twitter for establishing your brand as a thought leader with hashtags, which garner 100% more engagement.

Targeted Reach

Having an intimate understanding of your customers will guide meaningful digital and social media marketing campaigns that reach your target audience and support engagement. A social media ad agency can help you understand how to use each tool to reach your key audiences.

Instead of the old “spray and pray” advertising methodology, social media advertising is as granular as the tools themselves. On Twitter, that starts with the right hashtags that let you identify users with specific interests or problems that need solving. On YouTube, that means selecting the right channels for paid social media ads, which receive 83% more attention than TV ads. Facebook offers multiple ad types with top-notch targeting capabilities.

Paid Social Media Ads Done Right

There are dozens of types of social media marketing ads. From photos to videos to stories, the best paid social media ads fit the platform and the audience. That means saving your most visual content for Instagram and any copy that trends young for Snapchat where 220 million users are under age 25.

Social Media Marketing is One of Our Specialities

A top social media marketing company, Hubbard Cincinnati will recommend the right social media advertising tactics based on your buyer personas, customer journeys and goals. Our team of social media experts will handle the strategy, implementation and tracking, so you can focus on running your business and reaping all the rewards!


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