Dayton Mobile & Display Advertising

Mobile advertising and display ads are everywhere. They are essentially the banner ads that appear on apps and web pages viewable on smartphones and tablets. Google display ads are the most prevalent example, reaching 90% of internet users on over two million apps and sites. Hubbard Cincinnati has deep expertise in Dayton mobile ads, leveraging our experience in display ads, SEO, PPC, website development, email marketing, content marketing, social media management, and more, helping businesses increase their ad effectiveness.

About Our Dayton Mobile & Display Advertising Service

Our Dayton mobile advertising and display ad service is powered by 2060 Digital, a Hubbard-owned stand-alone digital marketing agency with a history of creative, technologically advanced strategies. We position your company directly to your target customers with techniques like Google display ads to engage your audience and convert at higher rates. Our marketing professionals craft customized plans with unique mobile ads that support your paid media strategy. Using a variety of ad types, we guide your customer through the buyer’s journey.

Mobile Ad Types by Serving Channels

The types of mobile ads that are best for you depend on your strategy. Several channels are available for publishing mobile ads, from apps to various social media platforms. It is, after all, aimed at reaching a variety of users where they are most likely to see the ads. Using a multi-channel digital marketing strategy ensures you reach your Dayton target audience where they are already active and engaged.

Mobile Apps Ads

Mobile ads for apps typically provide a better user experience than banner ads as they are perceived as less intrusive and more engaging. They can be integrated into the pages of the app as static or video ads. You can also have them delivered when the app is opened, periodically during use, or before the app closes. Promoted apps are highly effective when combined on both mobile apps and social media concurrently.

In-Game Mobile Ads

Since gaming is one of the most popular types of mobile apps, this channel shouldn’t be ignored. Because they are embedded, they rate highly for engagement, interactivity, and user experience. The good news for Dayton advertisers is that they are also universally supported and highly cost-effective. The types of ads can range from mobile banner ads to full-screen video ads.

Dayton Location-Based Mobile Ads

Another option is to use location-based ads. These ads use geofencing to notify mobile users of promotions or remind them that your Dayton business is nearby when the potential customer enters or exits a virtual fence or area around the advertiser’s physical location. They may also be used to target mobile users when they enter a specific city, neighborhood, or even a competitor’s store.

Mobile Search Ads

Similar to Google display ads for desktops, mobile search ads are specifically designed to work on mobile devices. When you look up something on Google, you are typically seeking a quick answer. Dayton mobile search ads are most effective when designed with some immediacy or urgency. They show the potential customer that you have what they want on sale, in limited supply, or near your location.

Mobile Ad Types by Formats

Mobile advertising is highly effective for reaching audiences in Dayton and surrounding areas. Standard ad formats can be used across mobile ads like web banners, video ads, and others, making them a cost-effective option. Because they use standard formats, they are displayed just as perfectly on desktops as mobile devices. They are also ideal for cross-platform campaigns.

Mobile Banners

Mobile banners are by far one of the most popular types of mobile advertising. You’ll see them at the top or bottom of a page or other unobtrusive places on a web page or app. They are ideal for increasing brand awareness and brand recognition to as many mobile users as possible to prompt more conversions.

Native Mobile Ads

This type of ad appears more organic as if it is part of the application. Native mobile ads use custom-built content specifically for Android or iOS applications. They replicate the form and function of surrounding content, making them seem more credible without being intrusive. The banners don’t look like the typical banner but integrate seamlessly into the other content of the app, creating a better user experience.

Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video ads display automatically when the user opens an application. Though the concept is straightforward, creating the ads is more complex. This type of ad requires experienced, professional designers and editors, which translates to a higher budget. However, it can pay off, as mobile video ads can increase engagement up to five times that of a standard banner ad.

Are Mobile & Display Ads Right For Your Business in Dayton?

According to Statista, there were 4.66 billion active mobile internet users as of the beginning of 2021. With those numbers, incorporating a mobile ad strategy into your campaign isn’t even an option but an imperative. If your Dayton business wants to reach customers where they spend their time on the devices they use on the go, a mobile strategy that includes using tools and techniques like Google display ads is critical. Reach out to our talented team today for more information on how we can help position your campaign for success.