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Why Content Marketing is Important in 2023

December 21, 2022

Content marketing has always been a valuable tool for growing businesses, and it is still a must for helping potential customers find and learn about your business heading into 2023. Although the specific uses of content marketing and most common types of content have shifted, their overall purpose is just as important.

Here are some of the most significant reasons to focus on prioritizing content marketing in 2023 and how Hubbard Cincinnati’s 2060 Digital can help you optimize your content marketing strategy!

Reasons Content Marketing Is Important to Your Business

Quality content can benefit your brand in a multitude of ways. Here are the seven most significant reasons content marketing is vital to your business in 2023!

Build Trust and Improve Brand Reputation

Trust plays a major role in determining whether your potential new customers purchase a brand they are less familiar with. A wide selection of available content can make it easy for them to learn about your business and its reputation.

Active social media pages, blogs, and other types of online content can answer your potential customer's questions about your products and your company, showcase your in-depth knowledge of your industry and keep up with the latest trends that are relevant to your brand, and provide more value to your target audience than your competitors may offer.

Great Content Can Influence Conversions

Simply finding your content, reading it, and moving on is not enough. High-quality content can keep your target audience's attention long enough to build their interest in your company and lead to more conversions. By providing a variety of types of content that both inform and entertain your target audience, nearly any business can use this strategy to turn views into sales.

Optimized Content Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

Consistently staying on top of changes to Google's SEO algorithm and adjusting your strategy accordingly is an important step in keeping your content and brand easy to find in search results. Optimizing your content to fit the latest guidelines is important in ensuring that your brand retains its edge when it comes to releasing content that matches what Google wants to promote.

Late August into early September 2022 Google launched their most recent algorithm update called the “Useful Content Update” which is the largest algorithm update they have done in recent years. Navigating this new update and what it means for your business can be tough to do without partnering with an experienced agency. At Hubbard Cincinnati, we not only can help you navigate this new update, but can strategically utilize it to grow your business’ success.

Cost-Effective Method to Generate New Leads

Quality content can be a highly effective tool for capturing the attention of people that come across it, even if they know nothing about your brand. Well-written blog posts and aesthetically pleasing social media pages can show up in search results for searchers interested in products or services similar to what your brand has to offer, even if they are not specifically searching for your brand. Content that shares a wealth of information about your brand and your industry can organically generate leads that are interested in your company from the beginning.

Build Relationships With Customers

Your customers want to know that your company cares about ensuring they have a good experience using your products rather than only caring about boosting your revenue and being hard to get in touch with once a sale is complete. Content that starts conversations and creates opportunities for engaging with your customers can help to build relationships that turn your new customers into repeat customers.

Set Yourself Apart From Competitors

Anticipating what types of information your target audience is looking for and delivering it in ways that are both helpful and easy to understand can play an important role in setting your company apart from your competitors. While similar companies may be able to provide the details searchers are looking for upon request, taking the time to publish as much content on your blog, social media pages, and other platforms as possible showcases your expertise and saves them time by reducing the number of questions they need to ask.

Content Is Vital for Each Step of the Marketing Funnel

Keeping your potential customers engaged throughout the marketing funnel is crucial in getting them to the point of being ready to complete a purchase. In addition, content that targets each stage can address any concerns they may have at that specific time and remind them of the benefits of moving forward. Whether they are first considering a possible solution to a problem they are experiencing, deep in the research process, or nearing a decision, great content can meet them where they are.

Engaging and Effective Organic SEO Services

At Hubbard Cincinnati, we are here to help your business create content that improves your visibility by incorporating the latest SEO trends and Google updates. We are a Premier Google Partner and are IAB Certified, have approval credentials from Facebook, and are recognized as a Top Digital Agency in America. We specialize in creating a digital marketing strategy to engage your target audience across channels, devices, mediums, and accounts.

Request a quote today to get started on your way to crushing 2023 content marketing success!

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