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5 Tips for B2B Video Marketing

December 21, 2022

Video marketing is a must for nearly any modern business to reach customers and prospects, especially for creating products primarily intended for other businesses. 

With Hubbard Cincinnati’s 2060 Digital we can connect you with helpful tips to create successful B2B marketing videos!

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Does Video Marketing Matter for B2B? 

Video marketing is a highly important aspect of your B2B marketing strategy. Although businesses look for somewhat different things when making a purchase decision than individual customers, video content is quickly gaining traction as an essential element of any reputable company's website or social media pages. Staying on top of the latest tech and marketing trends can be a solid indicator for the businesses you are marketing to that your brand also offers some of the most cutting-edge products available, which can help them offer the best to their own customers. 

Best Practices and Tips for B2B Video Marketing 

Marketing to businesses instead of directly to individual customers can significantly impact how successful various marketing strategies are, and creating your video content with the right goals and target audience in mind is an essential step in getting the results you want. Here are five helpful tips to keep in mind when planning your B2B video marketing strategy!

Use Video to Beat Out Buy-In Barriers 

Most businesses are working with a relatively limited budget, meaning they may be more inclined to make a purchase once they are certain they have all the information they need to make an informed decision. This can be particularly true if various buy-in barriers are present that may make it more difficult or expensive to get started. Videos can help fill the gaps by eliminating these barriers and simplifying the purchase process. 

Keep It Short and To the Point 

A majority of your target audience will not want to spend half an hour watching an in-depth video about your company, especially if they are trying to narrow their search down to a few potential brands they have only recently heard of. Videos that spend a few minutes covering one specific topic are better received than videos that are too long or attempt to cover too much information at once. 

Pay Attention to Where Your Viewers Are in the Sales Funnel 

Much like written content, videos should often be optimized to meet your viewers where they are in each sales funnel stage. Videos that introduce viewers to your brand and explain why your products will benefit them, compare your brand to others to point out why yours is a better fit for your target audience, compare similar products you offer to help them make an informed decision, or that explain the purchase process can all have an important place in your overall video marketing strategy. In addition, knowing when your viewers will most benefit from various types of videos is vital to providing the information they need when they need it. 

Use Video to Boost Your Written Content 

Although many of your videos will cover similar topics to your written content, they generally should not replace your blogs, written product descriptions, and other website content. Instead, they should be used to strategically supplement your written content by sharing information about your business in a distinctly visual format. For example, posting a video of a person reading content that is taken word for word from elsewhere on your website offers little to no value on its own, but it should also not be used to replace that written content.

Instead, videos that direct viewers to your other content, incorporate reviews or other personal stories that are most effective when coming directly from another person, or include product demonstrations, graphics, or other visual content, tend to effectively supplement your written content and boost your overall marketing strategy. 

Next Steps Once Your Video Has Been Viewed 100K Times

Keeping an eye on data that lets you know how well your videos perform is essential in determining whether they meet your marketing goals. Once videos reach approximately 100K views, they have likely played a role in a significant number of sales. Digging deeper into your overall analytics once you have a large number of views can give you more in-depth information, such as the media's impact on your lead generation, click-through rate, returning versus first-time customers, the total number of sales, and overall profit.

This information can provide clues about your target audience's preference for various types of videos and the content that provides the most value to them, which can be used to plan future marketing videos with the best chance of producing similar results. 

Ready to Create B2B Video Content With Hubbard Cincinnati? 

At 2060 Digital, we help you optimize your business's video content to increase the likelihood that it will convey the right message to your target audience.

Contact us today to learn more about working with us to create B2B video content that meets your goals or to get started!

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