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The power of cause marketing

December 5, 2022

Besides just “doing the right thing,” cause marketing has so many benefits for you and the cause you adopt. 

A recent study from Mintel shows that in non-crisis times, nearly 73% of Americans say a company’s charitable giving affects their purchase decisions, while 84% of consumers place importance on a company’s support for a charitable cause. The study also found that customers with emotional relationships with a brand have more than 300% the lifetime value as those who don’t and will be 26% more likely to recommend that brand to others.
Radio is the perfect medium to partner with for cause marketing because it puts the message out like no other medium can. The megaphone that is radio doesn’t just spread the word about the money you are trying to raise, but also gives a voice to the charity you are helping—allowing the cause to tell their story, recruit volunteers or get their services to those in need. 

December inevitably brings out the giving vibe in all of us, and this year, Hubbard Cincinnati is proud to partner with our clients Grippo’sBusam SubaruRay St. Clair Roofing and Pet People by Hollywood Feed to help Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society for The 12 Days of Strays. We’re sharing a special rescue animal from CARE on our stations' social pages each day through Dec. 12. We’re also supporting the cause on air and online. You can be a part of this heartwarming holiday outreach by donating here.

Learn more about available strays up for adoption here.


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