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Radio Matters

August 15, 2018

What differentiates Radio from other media for advertisers and agencies? The Radio Advertising Bureau asked top executives in marketing why “Radio Matters.”

Their answers tell the story of why radio continues to be the top reach medium. Radio connects with local communities through local talent in a natural way.

“People who are truly connected with the community, know about weather, know about traffic, know about the music genres, know about political stuff that’s going on. No other medium really can do that and have that connection with the people on a very regular and personal and intimate basis.”

− Gordon Borrell, Borrell Associates.

“It’s habitual, people don’t even think about it. Radio is your companion.”

Radio delivers ROI, connects to the community and creates personal relationships.

So why does radio matter? Because it works!

See the video in its entirety on the RAB’s website.


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