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Radio Delivers Consistency & Reach

January 11, 2019

With more ways to listen than ever before, audio consumption continues to grow.  But even with increased listening options, Radio consistently touts the largest reach, delivering 92% of all adults in the U.S.

Access and convenience are key factors that determine what people listen to throughout the day.  Radio’s reach is closely tied to traditional work hours, with time spent listening at its highest between 7am and 5pm.  This ease of use and ubiquity, especially at work, help radio to continue to dominate audio choices.

“Radio’s got that tonnage, it’s got that mass audience, it’s available, easy to reach and free,” Nielsen Audio VP of Audience Insights Jon Miller tells Inside Radio.

Daily time spent listening to Radio has also remained unchanged, with the average adult listening one hour and 45 minutes each day.

“It’s remarkably stable, just like the cume,” Miller says. “Regardless of all the different ways to listen to audio, most Americans are still checking in with radio in some way, shape or form every week. It’s built into our lives. Despite all the changes that are occurring and will continue to occur, radio is still a big part of everyone’s media diet.”

Nielsen’s current Total Audience Report shares more insights into our listening choices today.


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