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Q102 influencer serves up winning marketing recipe

February 10, 2022

While grocery shopping, have you found yourself standing in front of the endless options of smoked sausage, brats and metts? How do you decide which brand to select? You want to buy a quality product that will taste delicious. That’s where Queen City Sausage comes in. For more than 50 years, owner Elmer Hensler has provided our community with world-class smoked sausage, brats, goetta, ham and deli meats. They turned to us to help us spread that message.

A marketing recipe  
Queen City Sausage was looking for a marketing recipe to reach women and families. Fritsch, co-host of the Jeff & Jenn Morning Show, grew up eating Queen City Sausage and was excited to share her experience with listeners.

Helpful and relatable  
Through our partnership with Queen City Sausage, Fritsch delivers quick and easy recipes to help working families, and touts the many benefits of Queen City Sausage: hickory-wood smoked, made in small batches, and, of course, its delicious taste. Fritsch’s enthusiasm and authenticity shine through for a product she and her family regularly enjoy.

Now I’m getting hungry! Here’s a quick and easy dish featuring Queen City Sausage—a crowd-pleaser perfect for Sunday’s game. Who Dey!

Lisa Thal is the General Sales Manager for Hubbard Cincinnati. If your company could use some help standing out from your competitors, email her to cook up a winning marketing campaign. 


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