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How Google's Pay Per Click Works for Good Results

December 21, 2022

Looking to see tangible results from your advertisements? Google's pay-per-click model can provide a more efficient option for boosting the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts while staying within your budget. Here is an overview of how PPC works, why it might be a good choice for your business, and how Hubbard Cincinnati’s 2060 Digital can help you strategically integrate this modern alternative to traditional advertising into your marketing budget!

What is PPC?

A pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model works by allowing advertisers to only pay for ad views that provide them tangible benefits. With this model, a potential customer that sees your ad must click on the ad for you to be charged for that view, which means that each ad you pay for represents a person who has shown some level of interest in your brand.

By following the link to your website or social media page, every viewer who takes action on your ad has an easy opportunity to learn more about your company, browse your products and services, and potentially purchase.

How PPC Works in Google Ads

Google Ads uses PPC to create a cost-effective way to advertise on its search engine, YouTube, and other high-traffic areas that are owned by or otherwise affiliated with Google. This program allows participants to place their ads in areas with particularly high visibility while only paying for the ads people are actively engaging with.

Google uses a variety of factors to select what specific ad appears to someone such as the search topic, the searcher's age, location, additional demographic information, and the overall quality and expected click-through rate of your ad. These factors are combined with your maximum bid, or the amount you choose to pay for each click, to determine ad placement.

How to Plan Effective PPC Campaigns with Google Ads

Planning an effective PPC strategy can be challenging because even the right viewers typically have no more than a few seconds to decide whether to click on your ad or not. However, strategically planning your Google Ads campaign can result in improved brand awareness, a higher click-through rate, and more sales.

Here are some of the most important things to remember when planning your PPC ad campaign:

How to Perform Effective PPC Keyword Research

Knowing what terms your target audience is searching for is essential to ensuring they can find your content. Effective keyword research helps you adjust your keywords to match searches that are relevant to the products and services your brand offers.

You can use Google Trends, or a similar tool to determine what phrases and topics your potential customers are searching for. You can then use the data you find to compile a list of relevant, exhaustive, and expansive keywords that are the most likely to drive traffic to your website.

Managing Your PPC Campaigns

Your initial keyword research is an important step in starting a successful PPC campaign, but frequently refining your strategy is a must to continue to obtain substantial results. Google's algorithms are constantly changing, and you may find that what worked well for you even a few months ago no longer brings satisfactory results.

Adding new relevant terms to your keyword list, including negative keywords, and removing keywords that are no longer performing well can increase the overall success of your keyword list. Refining your landing pages and splitting your ad groups into smaller and more relevant groups can help Google continue to determine that your ads provide the quality it wants to promote.

When You Should Use PPC With Google

PPC is a valuable tool that can work alongside SEO (search engine optimization) efforts to improve your business's results faster than you might if you left all your growth to happen organically. Allowing Google to show your ads in prominent locations can help you get ahead of your competitors by boosting your SEO results for long-tail keywords. PPC is also a simple way to get as many eyes on your brand's new product announcements, promotions, and other important information as possible.

Compelling and Engaging Google PPC Advertising Services

Keeping up with Google's constantly-changing algorithms can be challenging, but partnering with a digital marketing professional is an effective strategy for consistently getting the most out of your Google Ads budget.

Choosing 2060 Digital is a simple way to ensure that even more members of your target audience engage with and ultimately take advantage of your ads. We are a Premier Google Partner and have approval credentials from Facebook, are IAB Certified, and are recognized as a Top Digital Agency in America. We partner with our clients to create an effective digital marketing strategy to engage customers across mediums, channels, devices, and accounts.

Contact Hubbard Cincinnati today to learn more about how we can help you use Google's PPC model to stretch your marketing budget further!

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