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6 Common Issues With Social Media Marketing Plans

November 10, 2022

Today most businesses utilize various social media platforms to share information about their brand and connect with their customers. However, simply having these pages and posting basic content from time to time is no longer enough. Creating content that keeps your followers interested and engaged is a must. Knowing what to look for if your social media pages are not performing as well as you would like them to can help you identify problems and adjust your strategy. 

Here are some of the most common problems brands encounter with their social media pages, as well as helpful solutions for making your social media pages even more effective!

Social Media Marketing Mistakes and Solutions 

Social media marketing is a proven valuable strategy for sharing updates about your business, but you will only see results when the platforms are utilized correctly. Here are several common issues with social media marketing to be aware of -

No Social Media Strategy or Focus on Business Goals 

Random posts will not do as much for your business as posts that are created with a specific goal in mind. Investing time and effort into determining what types of content are the most capable of sharing information about your business while keeping your audience engaged is an important step in ensuring a specific purpose behind each post you make. 

Users look for posts that provide them with useful information about your business, you should aim to give users all of the information they could want as it relates to your products and services.

Thinking That All Social Media Networks Are the Same 

Each social media platform has a different purpose and is preferred by different demographic groups. Understanding who is the most likely to follow your business on each platform and what they expect from your content is a must. Posting the same thing on each platform will likely cost you followers once they figure out that following you on multiple platforms isn’t worth it because it’s repetitive. 

Using a tone or style that is not appropriate for a specific platform is unlikely to keep that group of followers engaged. Understanding what each platform is known for and staying on top of platform-specific trends and new features can help you tailor your content to align with what each group of followers expects. 

Avoiding, Removing, or Disputing Negative Comments 

As much as you may wish it was, your company is not perfect. Since social media is an easy way for your followers to share their honest thoughts about your company and your products with the world, you will come across negative comments from time to time. Handling those negative comments correctly is a must to maintain your company's reputation

Ignoring/deleting these comments or being rude to your followers can cause them to question whether your company is ethical or cares about their opinions. However, responding positively to as many questions and comments as possible can go a long way toward building meaningful relationships with your followers. 

Not Engaging Enough With Your Audience 

It's called social media for a reason, and your followers expect more from you than a one-sided promotion of your company. Although your pages certainly promote your company, making sure they are more than glorified advertisements is important in keeping your followers interested. Asking questions, posting polls, and responding to comments can go a long way toward starting conversations and keeping them going.  Click here to learn howe to target your audience with SEO keywords.

Not Knowing Who Your Audience Is 

Identifying your target audience and developing intentional strategies for connecting with them are important steps in creating content that resonates with the right people. You can spark meaningful engagement by thinking about the typical demographics of your target audience and how they tend to use social media. 

When planning out your posts you should consider your target audience’s interest and what they want from your company and your products. On the flip side, random posts that were not created with your target audience in mind are unlikely to keep their interest. 

Hashtag Hijacking 

Including hashtags in your posts can be a valuable strategy for helping people not following your company's social media pages find your content, but only if they are used correctly. Hashtags that are too general or have multiple meanings can get lost among thousands of posts that have nothing to do with your company or your products.

It is also possible for people that are not happy with your company to abuse your hashtags by intentionally using them against your company or for their own purposes. Choosing unique hashtags that focus on your company, its services, and the message of each post can help to keep hashtag hijacking to a minimum. 

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Choose Hubbard Cincinnati’s 2060 Digital for Professional and Effective Social Media Marketing Services 

At Hubbard Cincinnati, we are here to help you grow your business by addressing potential issues with your social media pages and developing a more effective social media marketing strategy. Our digital marketing agency, 2060 Digital, specializes in streamlining social media marketing for companies of all sizes in Cincinnati, Ohio, and beyond. 

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