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10 tips to make a recruiting video someone will actually watch

May 24, 2022

Photo of woman recording a recruitment campaign video

A well-made recruitment video can attract, entice and motivate the right candidate to apply. Using videos can help you reach more candidates, attract their attention, present your brand in a compelling way, increase your application rate and enhance candidate experience.


Follow these 10 tips for the most effective recruiting videos:

  1. Write a script before you shoot. Get a roadmap of actions and dialogue before you begin the project. It will save you from unnecessarily long hours during the editing phase.

  2. Use what you have. The latest phones have incredible cameras. You don’t have to overthink it.

  3. Keep it short. To keep your audience engaged, your video should be in the 1-3 minute range.

  4. Keep it real. Be authentic—show real employees, their personalities, their typical work day. Let them be the storytellers.

  5. Show company culture. Let a candidate know what it will be like to work there—a text-based job description can’t do that.

  6. Sound matters. Record employees in a quiet place. And beware of cavernous rooms, which cause the sound to bounce around.

  7. Light the room. Turn all the lights on, and make sure the light is not coming from behind the person you are shooting, which will only result in a silhouette effect.

  8. Pick the right music. Match the music to the tone and feel of the video. Turn the volume down when people speak. And be very careful about using copyrighted tracks!

  9. End with a clear CTA. A beautiful video means nothing unless a person acts. Use 4-5 words in the call-to-action to let the viewer know what to do next.

  10. Share, share, share. Use your company’s (and your employees’!) social media networks, job description and job ads, newsletters and even recruiting events to get the most bang for your buck.

Videos help you do more than just tell candidates that you’re a great employer. By using videos, you can show them how great is to work at your company. 

Example Recruitment Videos We’ve Produced

At Hubbard Cincinnati, we executed our own recruitment video that pulls together real-life TikToks, Instagram Reels and other social video to present a compelling case on why a candidate may want to join our hard-working (and very fun!) team.

This highly produced talent acquisition project for TriHealth focused on selling Cincinnati to out-of-town doctors and staff.

In this example from Belterra Park Cincinnati, Q102’s Mollie brings the energy while interviewing current employees on why they love working for the company.

In this social-style video, Q102’s Fritsch let our Facebook audience know about a huge hiring event at Once Upon a Child, the “small company with a big heart.”

As beneficial as recruiting videos are, they can take time and resources to create. Not sure where to start? Email Christine Mello, General Sales Manager for Hubbard Cincinnati, to get our expert team on the job.


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