Natalie from WKRQ / Q102 posing with a purple wig and feathered sleeves


WKRQ • Q102 | Roy, Nat & Freddy Mac
3–7pm Monday–Friday

​​Cincinnati native Natalie Jones has bounced around all over the city. Originally from the West Side, she moved to the East Side at the age of 12. She attended the University of Cincinnati and lived in OTR for years after college and now resides in Sayler Park. Music is her heartbeat. “I’m not one to watch hours of TV, but I can sit and listen to music all day,” says Natalie. So, of course, radio became second nature. She began her career on the mic in Colorado. And after a stint in L.A. doing standup, she came home to be with family.

A true lover of all things fun and exciting in life, if it's extra, you will find her there. From fur coats to gaudy gold chains to crazy workout outfits, she has them, and probably wore them to a wedding. 😂

She spends most of her time outdoors or at the latest opening downtown. A tomboy at heart with a fitness obsession, you might find her rollerblading the Loveland trail. Or cramming all her nieces in her Jeep for their next adventure! 

When you see her around town, make sure you get a selfie with her!

Natalie from WKRQ / Q102 wearing colorful clothes while rollerblading

Get to know Natalie

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