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Jenn, a native of Cuba, IL, lived in Tampa, FL, before moving to Cincinnati in 2002 to join Q102's Jeff & Jenn Morning Show. Jenn initially set her eyes on becoming a TV reporter. But that required nice clothes, primped hair and full makeup. After working at the Eastern Illinois University radio station, she decided a career in radio would be the perfect fit.

As a radio personality, Jenn has had a number of celebrity encounters, including snuggling with Jon Bon Jovi. But, if she could be invited to any musician’s home for dinner, she would choose to dine with John Mayer. “I want to go to John Mayer’s house, and have him play guitar and sing for me. I would just love to have (pseudo) deep meaningful conversation with him and ask all about Jennifer Aniston because I think she could be my best friend if I lived in LA,” says Jenn.

She currently resides in Mason with her son Jakob and her dog, Merle. Jenn is known in Cincinnati for her work with the autism community. She serves on the board of the Ken Anderson Alliance. Their mission is to build a live, work, play community for adults with developmental disabilities. When Jenn isn’t at the station, she enjoys catching up on her beauty sleep, eating and shopping.

To Love Under Any Condition

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