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Chelsie saw her childhood dreams come true when she first started working for B-105 in 1994, doing everything from promotions to traffic. Growing up, she listened to the radio 24/7. In fact, she still remembers the various contests and stunts the stations did back in the day. After taking a break, Chelsie returned to the B-105 family as a co-host on the Big Dave Show in 2010.

Chelsie and her husband Brad have two children, Reese and Rory, and a small petting zoo! No, really! They have four dogs, two cats, a slew of fish and a bird. Between keeping up with her family and pets, Chelsie says the song "Fancy Like" by Walker Hayes best describes her life. Because, well, she feels like they are not fancy-like!

If she could join any singer, songwriter or musician at their home for dinner, she'd choose to dine with Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. Why? Because it's Academy Award-winning actress Nichole Kidman and country music megastar Keith Urban—duh!

Off air, Chelsie enjoys spending time with her kids. You can find her exploring the trails at the local park, or watching UK basketball and horse racing. UK is her team since her daughter is going to college there.

A Peek into Chelsie's Life

This busy mom has her hands full with kids at home and kids at work. And then there’s Ace, her 150-pound puppy. In this video you will meet the pets of The Big Dave Show and get a peek inside Chelsie’s everyday life. 

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