Terror Town

Case Study

All Hallows' Eve Terror Town is an immersive haunted theme experience in the Greater Cincinnati area. This award-winning attraction is set to look and feel like the 19th century. With 25 shops, 3 restaurants, 2 saloons and live entertainment, it's more than a haunted trail.


Terror Town's goal was to increase traffic and ticket sales for their second season—a time when people were looking for safe entertainment options.



Their new website launched in July of 2020. The campaign started in September 2020 and ran through November 13.



2060 Digital rebuilt their website with a fresh, modern look. We also updated their “Google My Business” page and other online listings. Once the website was complete, 2060 Digital used pay-per-click, targeted display and targeted social media ads as the tactic to drive people to the new site.


What we delivered

At the end of the two-month campaign, the park sold 341 memberships, above and beyond their original 250 goal. 2060 Digital also delivered over 2.3 million impressions to their site and 16,000 clicks. Over 2,000 visitors then clicked on the “buy ticket” option. 2060 Digital generated over $120,620 for Terror Town, with an initial client investment of $28,625.

Website Rebuild


We could not be happier with the results 2060 delivered. Heading into our second season, we knew we had to invest wisely to generate the numbers we would need to stay on schedule. Not only did we hit those targets, but we blew past them, nearly doubling our attendance year over year! We also love how measurable and transparent 2060 Digital’s reporting tools are."

Terror Town's Director of Marketing

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