Kentucky Beef Council

Case Study

The mission of the Kentucky Beef Council (KBC) is to specifically promote beef to the consumers of Kentucky in support of Kentucky cattlemen (i.e the cattle producers).


The state-level campaign utilizes ongoing, multi-media channel consumer programs that supplement and/or complement the National Beef Council’s campaign, yet are specifically designed for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The main two objectives of their annual campaign are:

  1. Building consumer awareness of the benefits of beef and the connection that industry has to the Commonwealth (primary)

  2. Supporting partnerships and ongoing foodservice efforts with retailers and restaurants (secondary)


  1. Adults 25-64 with HHI of $75K+ who live in Kentucky

  2. Farmers and cattle producers from the Commonwealth of Kentucky



Annual ongoing campaign with a seasonal push for May-September. This campaign changed creative and calls to action seasonally to support regionalized events and shopper behavior of Kentucky consumers. Some examples include the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky State Fair, fall NCAA football season, spring NCAA basketball season, New Year resolutions and healthy eating, and holiday entertaining and celebrations.


2060 Digital wanted to target the shoppers within the home, as well as the “foodies” that were most apt to be able to make the decision of how and when to incorporate beef into their recipes and cooking. To do that, we used a multi-faceted digital strategy including:

  • Programmatic display

  • YouTube

  • Mobile geo-fencing

  • Device ID targeting by location (grocery stores, sporting event attendees, steakhouses, tractor supply/feed and seed stores)

  • Social media ads

  • Native ads targeting Food and Entertainment sites

  • Email targeting

What 2060 Digital delivered

5 Month Total Impressions= 8,174,227
5 Month Total Clicks= 24,112

Targeted Ads

Wonderful! So excited! Y'all are amazing. I really have been extremely pleased with our fall tailgating campaign and all the great work you've done.”

Kiah Twisselman, Director of Consumer Affairs For the Kentucky Beef Council

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