Herrmann Services

Case Study

Herrmann Services is a family-owned company serving Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for over 50 years. They have grown to become one of the most respected names in heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical services.


Hermann Services came to Hubbard Cincinnati with a challenge: Help us stand out from the competition and grow revenue.






Considering the number of HVAC options available in the market, we focused on producing a memorable message to set the client apart.


What we delivered

The creative team at Hubbard got to work and created a campaign-able concept that plays off the name Herrmann. The client liked the creativity so much, they decided to use it in all their radio market-wide. Their commitment paid off. Now, when their guys are out in the trucks, they get comments from people who connect Herrmann Services with their radio campaign.

Jason Herrmann, Service Manager at Herrmann Services illustrates just how memorable the campaign is: "My wife had a friend from college reach out to her; the friend is an elementary school teacher. When school started, she noticed that she had a child with the last name Herrmann (no relation that I know of) when doing attendance, and she announced the kid's name. Someone in the class yelled out HER-MAN, and everyone in the class laughed out loud for five minutes."

The spots resonated with others beyond the local market, and, in 2019, Hubbard Cincinnati took home a Mercury Award (a national competition exclusively devoted to radio and audio) for "Her Man Can Do It." Production Director Jim Blommel says, "It’s not enough to make a creative commercial. You also have to make sure the listener connects it with the advertiser. This campaign was entertaining, while reinforcing the client’s name so that the listener will automatically think of Herrmann when they need a plumber or HVAC technician.”


Watch the testimonial

I know our advertising works because we hear great feedback from our clients. We love the campaign and feel like it sets us apart from our competitors and helps people remember our name.

Jason Herrmann, Service Manager, Herrmann Services

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