Dr. Amy Brenner

Case Study

Dr. Amy Brenner is a board-certified OB/GYN physician with over 15 years of experience in treating women for gynecological care, scientifically-developed skin care, bio-identical hormones, weight loss solutions and minimally-invasive surgical options.


Create awareness that Dr. Amy Brenner offers a “One Stop Women’s Shop,” not just Coolsculpting or Botox. Dr. Brenner wants listeners to visit her website to see how many different services her practice provides, including solutions to issues that most women 35-54 are affected by. She does not focus on tracking using a specific phone number, but directs her listeners to visit her website.



Run a high frequency, Monday-Wednesday, morning and mid-day focused schedule on WKRQ and WREW. Commercials are worked to sound natural, using terminology Dr. Brenner would actually say to her patients.

What we delivered

The use of Dr. Brenner’s own voice, as well as great creative, is one of the largest parts of her successful radio campaigns throughout the year. The combination of Dr. Brenner being a woman, as well as her relatability, adds to the credibility of the spot, resulting in patient phone calls and website inquiries during office hours.


It is so important as a local business owner to form good partnerships. Q102 and Mix 94.9 have been a great asset to our marketing collaborations and have helped us to create some really memorable and creative commercials to talk about some pretty personal topics. Their hard work to help us get it 'just right' is why we continue to working with them!"

Amy Brenner, Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, Owner & CEO

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