Case Study

BIGGBY Coffee is an American coffeehouse chain. They operate in several states in the Midwest, North Carolina and New Jersey. They offer franchising, focused on family-friendly opportunities and feel-good values. BIGGBY believes that when you love the world, the world loves you back.


BIGGBY Coffee wanted to reach more customers within close proximity to their storefronts in order to drive more customer traffic. To track the performance of the digital strategy, BIGGBY Coffee provided a strong offer to be redeemed by those who engaged with ads.



This campaign ran from October 2020 – December 2020 as a trial. They plan to renew in 2021.



Target consumers within 3-mile radiuses of all Cincinnati-area BIGGBY locations, using geofencing and social advertising channels, promoting a special offer redeemable in stores.


What we delivered

At first the campaign was struggling to find success. The campaign channels were reaching our intended audiences, but redemption numbers were low. We identified a flaw in the redemption process, and realized customers were not screenshotting the QR code as we had hoped. We pivoted our CTRUL strategy and built a landing page on the Q102 website where customers were able to provide their email to have the QR sent directly to their inbox. This made the redemption easier and provided an extra layer of data. We now know the number of customers who visit the landing page, as well as requested and then redeemed the offer. In the first three weeks of this pivoted strategy, we had over 500 customers request the offer from the landing page and saw hundreds of redemptions at the store locations.

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