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Stattman is as kindhearted as he is fun loving. In fact, fun is what first drew him to pursuing a career in radio as a senior in high school. The fact that he would have an opportunity to attend concerts while working was an added bonus.

By being a part of the B-105 family for more than 20 years, he has had countless opportunities to show his kindhearted side through community outreach and fundraising campaigns. One of his many passions is visiting local schools, where he reads to children and shares his story. As a result, he has had an impact on the lives of many children in the community.

Throughout his career, Stattman has had a number of unique experiences including the opportunity to take a bath with the elephants at the Cincinnati Zoo, watching the Cubs win the World Series with Garth Brooks and countless others. Recognized nationally, including five CMA awards and five ACM awards.

Outside of work, Stattman is an automotive enthusiast and also enjoys hunting and fishing. He loves spending time with his wife and two teenage daughters.


No one does a field trip quite like Stattman. From catching catfish with his hands to behind the scenes at Cirque de Soleil, Statt always has a unique perspective. Here’s one of Statt's adventures to Graeter's! 

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